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These days, business and technology are pretty much intertwined. Today, it’s hard to imagine a business in the current marketplace that isn’t tied to technological issues and concerns. Most bigger businesses have a chief information officer, or a CIO. The CIO handles short and long-term technological strategy. The CIO ensures that the company’s technology syncs up with its business goals and needs. Unfortunately, most SMBs don’t have the luxury of a CIO. Without this, financial and technical problem can occur.

Synced, well-budgeted technology means a powerful potential for growth and advancement. This is where a virtual Chief Information Officer(vCIO) can transform your operation. But what does a vCIO do?

A virtual CIO is an experienced IT executive tasked with providing part-time, C-level guidance to multiple companies. Simply put, it means working with a company’s current executive team on a number of levels. This includes assessing potential problem areas, consulting on recommended technological upgrades, and analyzing functionality. In other words, a vCIO provides clarity on the multiple technological issues facing a company. By participating in executive-level meetings, auditing systems, and overseeing technological changes, the vCIO provides on-demand IT expertise.

Overall, choosing and working with a vCIO can set you up for long-term growth that feels effortless. Nothing short of a full-time CIO has as much potential to link your systems together in a way that maximizes productivity. With a vCIO, your business will experience better customer service, better planning, and a better employee experience.

Strategic direction is critical to ensure your technology enables and accelerates your growth. Here at Comportz, we can provide an experienced vCIO to help you with your technical problems and help your business achieve the productivity it wants.


Services Include:

  • Expert advice and services from our experienced vCIO
  • Management of technical problems and changes

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