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Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks, and data from physical actions and events. Unfortunately, these events can cause serious loss or damage to a homes and businesses. This includes protection from fire, flood, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism. Today, attackers can carryout breaches of physical security with little to no technical knowledge. As a result, this leaves many at risk. However, physical security is often overshadowed by technical threats. For instance, many companies focus on threats of hacking, malware, and cyber espionage rather than physical threats.

For the best security, we place obstacles in the way of potential attackers, accidents, or environmental disasters. Some possible measures include fencing, locks, access control cards, biometric access control systems and fire suppression systems. Surveillance cameras and notification systems are necessary to monitor and detect threats in your home or business. For instance, intrusion detection sensors, heat sensors, and smoke detectors can alarm you of any potential problems. Finally, a business can benefit from disaster recovery policies and procedures tested on a regular basis that ensure safety and to reduce recovery time .

Nowadays, companies and homeowners should use physical and network security together to protect both physical and online assets. However, online security is worthless if a criminal can walk into your building and steal a drive, or if hardware is lost after an earthquake. In addition, your site’s layout is extremely important for protecting assets. A low-profile design can prevent all of these potential threats. For instance, lower visibility can be the difference between a criminal breaking into your building or the one next door. Therefore, windows should have blinds and equipment should be out of window site.

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Surveillance Systems

At Comportz, we care about our client’s safety. For that reason, we carry the best security systems and products to protect your home or business. This is why Comportz is an Authorized Amcrest dealer & installer. Amcrest products are part of a generation of advanced remote monitoring and surveillance systems. These wireless security camera systems bridge the gap between powerful capabilities, ease of use, and affordability. With high quality and robust design, our security cameras allow you to monitor your home, small business or medium to large enterprise securely.  As a result, Amcrest camera systems are designed to record and deliver live video and audio to you anywhere in the world.

Amcrest HD NVR technology transmits up to 4K video over Ethernet, which allows for long-distance and cost-effective HD video transmission. These security systems transmit the signal at a maximum throughput of 80Mbps. Because of this, latency is eliminated and allows for highly reliable live video security without loss or delay. In addition, these HD NVR surveillance systems are smartphone compatible. On top of that, users can view live footage over the internet while away.


Surveillance Services:

  • Surveillance System Installation
  • IP Camera Upgrades & Replacements
  • Surveillance System Management
  • Surveillance System NVR & Server Support
  • NVR Configuration & Networking
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Remote Access Software Support

What our clients say about our surveillance system services

My wife and I met the guys from Comportz at the 2016 Worcester Home Show. Their display was a live time example of home surveillance and they were able to demonstrate the mobile app in live time […] We were interested in a system installation and we knew enough to know some of the features that we wanted…. they happily filled in the blanks with both answers and backing explanations of all the technology and software.

When we decided to go forth with the project Kevin and Joe came out and did a very thorough walk through and determined what would work and the best way to go about installing the system. On installation day they were the on time and ready to do the job. Once the job was finished they walked us through using the software and provided all supporting documentation.

If you need IT support or business/residential surveillance I would not hesitate to call them for any need!”

Mark Z.

Property Owner

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