Data loss means you might need a small business server

Experiencing Loss Of Data or Productivity? You might need a small business server.

You might need a new client/server based network if you are experiencing data loss or having trouble accessing your internet due to malware. When you add new users to your businesses network, your data is now less secure. If this occurs you might want to start looking into a new small business server.

Often, when small businesses are running out of date applications on older equipment, employees complain of a loss of productivity for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they may have to manually back up their data and files which takes time out of their day. In some small businesses, the owner is manually backing up data on flash drives or shared drives which takes time away from the owner focusing on growing the business and monitoring operations. Further, on slow machines and outdated applications, employees experience slow loading times, crashes, etc. which again lead to a loss of productivity. A good server can alleviate all of these issues in one shot.

Small Business Server

What Are Servers?

We should start by informing you on exactly what a server is. SQL servers to virtual private servers are a few of many.

Server programs respond to different computer requests that are on the same computer. Servers run very high operating systems that are supporting many users. Servers can hosts an intranet, and also back up all your data so you never have to worry about data loss again. Which is important when running a business.

Different small business servers

What Kind of Server Is A Best Fit For You?

When looking for servers ask yourself, “what kind of server would fit me best for my specific needs?”

Different servers includes:

  • Mail Server
  • File sharing Server
  • Remote access Server
  • Backup Server
  • File Server
  • Application Server
  • Database Server
  • Message Server
  • Print Server

Knowing what kind of server(s) is best for you and your business can be a complicated process. Some businesses follow a one server per one service method, however, it is fairly unlikely that a small business will use this approach as one server can handle multiple functions depending on the number of users.

We Are Here to Assist You.

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