The success of a small business obviously relies on multiple factors. First and foremost, the owner(s) must create a business plan that appeals to their target market with the goal of generating revenue. Once this happens, many small businesses are ready to grow but are lost on what to do next.

Small Business IT Planning

During rapid growth, small business owners know they have to expand their operations but are often confused where to start. Small business IT planning can often be the largest cause of unrest for business owners.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Are you prepared to respond to change and help your business survive?

Most small business owners know they need to expand their IT operations. However, many do not know where to allocate money to IT to ensure it works today while also allowing room for future modification. Most small business experts and owners who have gone through the process agree that investment into IT infrastructure and the ability to make educated decisions around IT can propel successful small businesses into superstar small businesses. By putting a solid IT foundation into place, the owner and employees can focus on the most important day-to-day tasks of running a business without worrying about failing technology, downtime due to slow infrastructure, etc. Most importantly, productivity increases when IT is not an issue. Further, consumers can feel confident with the business, knowing they will not face issues related to technology when buying/visiting the business.

Technology Success Providers

There is an often glanced over solution that is easily disposable to small businesses. Managed IT Services or as we like to call it, Technology Success Providers exist to alleviate IT issues and help businesses grow. Making the most out of IT systems is a huge challenge for most small businesses who cannot afford to recruit and hire a Chief Information or Technology Officer along with an internal IT support team (recruiting and hiring for these positions can hinder business growth). More and more small businesses are turning to managed service providers to help them become more effective and efficient with regards to their IT operations.

An experienced managed service provider will allow small businesses to gain access to the latest technology and will be able to support that technology either on-site or remotely. With the success of your business on the line, managed service providers are motivated and deeply invested in your business and its growth.

For example, Comportz IT Solutions will assist with all IT planning and deployment as well as set up a highly secure network with industry-leading firewalls, backup appliances and servers. Another overlooked area for small businesses is email security, EVEN THOUGH 1 IN 5 SMALL BUSINESSES ARE FORCED TO SHUT DOWN DUE TO RANSOMWARE. With the best email security platform on the market, you can be sure Comportz will keep you and your employees safe from these attacks. With a good provider, you can be sure all your data, files, software, etc. are safe. Further, Comportz can offer 24-hour help desk support so you have peace of mind that if you have an issue they will respond quickly and professionally.

For a free consultation and to find out how Comportz can be your technology success provider, reach out today! Your business is important to you, let Comportz support your dream, help your business grow and be your partner in small business IT planning.

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