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Remote Access

Currently, most businesses rely on online components for their success and ability to keep up with competition. Remote access software lets you control a computer from a different location using internet connection. With remote access, employees can stay on top of their tasks and responsibilities while on vacation or traveling for work. As a result, they are able to access their desktop, files, emails, and information as if they were physically in front of it. During meetings, employees can even access the resources needed that’s saved on their home computer. Meanwhile, remote access to an office computer gives the freedom to work from home whih skips the hassle and expenses of commuting daily. In addition, it prevents workplace distractions which improves productivity. Therefore, installing remote access software is an efficient way to provide employees with more flexibility without falling behind on work.

Employee Mobility

Nowadays, more and more businesses are expanding on an international level. As a result, employees are commonly required to take assignments in locations outside their home country. This is where employee mobility solutions come into play. Mobility solutions are extremely useful when relocating a team member from city to city or one end of the world to another. For instance, companies expanding globally need to be aware of the different regulations in other countries to avoid any misunderstandings or violations that could set them back. This issue should be addressed in a strategic plan. Employee mobility solutions help you with on-boarding, work permits, record maintenance, staff subsistence, medical emergencies, tax compliance, and event exit formalities, even pension requirements if need be.

At Comportz, we believe that having remote access software and employee mobility is crucial to your company’s survival and success as an online business. If you are looking for software that will allow access to your work computer from outside locations, contact us today!




Services Include:

  • Remote access software installation and management
  • Employee mobility solutions

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