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Technology Success for the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate

Real Estate Technology Success

The success of Realtors comes from how well they properly interpret their client’s data, their responsiveness to inquiries, and how likely they are to seamlessly manage their total customer experience. These assets require a commitment to adopting marketplace efficiencies through the use of technology.

For a real estate agency, it is vital for all of your equipment and software to be running perfectly on its own and to be perfectly integrated with each other. This allows for better customer interactions as well as better knowledge of your market and its potential customers. Also, since regulations constantly change, it is very important that all your technology be continually monitored and upgraded to ensure they meet the most current rules. The right technology can also help protect against data loss as well. For real estate agencies though, it can be quite difficult to balance selling homes and managing their technology. This is why an outside IT company can be crucial for the success of a real estate agency.

Here at Comportz, we’ve worked with a variety of real estate agencies by creating professionals websites, helping with social media marketing, social listening and security system installations. We’ve worked with several real estate companies throughout the Worcester area and we are always ready to help our next real estate agency! Contact us today with any inquiries or questions you may have. 


How we can help:

  • Website design and maintenance that gives you a professional and functional web presence
  • Real estate listings that are frequently updated in order to allow your business to reach clients easily and effectively
  • Search engine optimization that will move your website up the Google rankings
  • Running advertisements online on your behalf
  • Running all social media accounts in order to reach out directly to followers and potential customers
  • Blog writing that both educates the public and puts you ahead of the competition
  • Security system installations
  • Data protection that keeps all personal data safe and secure

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