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Todays A/V setups are far more advanced and much more complex than the personal entertainment systems of yesterday, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as frustrating and time-consuming if they’re not put together by experienced professionals with the background necessary to produce an approachable, snag-free experience for audiences and operators alike. Managed A/V solutions will also end up saving a business time and money! But what exactly is managed A/V?

First off, A/V integration is when sound and sight are entwined and systems and subsystems are harmonized and smoothly work together. What this means for facilities and venues is that, with solid integration, both aspects of the display experience as well-considered and work together as they should. A well thought out A/V system is easily managed, operated, and maintained. This means when it is time to operate, everything works together and there is no standing by for technical difficulties when the audience is gathered. This is where a managed A/V team comes into play. Without managed A/V, a business could be taking risks with their equipment, along with wasting money and time. With specialized, complicated, and sensitive electronic equipment, there’s a notable risk of loss, especially when a deadline may be involved, and potentially even danger from the movement and treatment of high-wattage, sensitive objects. Rather than getting it wrong the first or even second time, it’s far better to bring in experts to make sure the job is not only done right but performing at its full potential. When it comes to audio visual system integration, the best option is bringing in an A/V expert with the background and experience necessary to make sure each system and subsystem operates and provides the intended solution.

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Services Include:

  • A/V services installations
  • A/V system management

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