IT Services

IT Services that aren’t going anywhere.

The world of information technology services (IT Services) is constantly evolving due to new best practices, improved technology, and market efficiencies. However, there are certain tried and true methods and ideas that have always and will always be here to stay.

  • It’s not just about how good the technology is

Of course, you want to make sure that you have good high-quality equipment that runs for a long time and benefits your business. However, if the technology is not implemented correctly or doesn’t fit what your business goals are, the technology can become a hindrance and drain on financial resources. A good IT service provider will recommend the technology that makes sense for you and implements it correctly. Good technology is only as good as the people implementing it.

  • Good physical security and information security goes hand in hand

A good source of physical security is limiting the number of people that have access to your data center. Employees with badges should be the only ones to have access. This decreases the risks of data theft. A good security system and the use of strategically placed cameras can provide a deterrent to crime and misuse of company property. On top of that, good information security includes proper firewalls, passwords, and email security is in place to keep hackers at bay.

  • Know the possible threats

With PCs came a lot more possible threats from hackers. Trying to eliminate though, IT professionals are locking down desktops and putting firewalls up. Though locking down information is a great way to avoid the risks of data theft, it isn’t always practical. We should be looking to implement new ideas on how to avoid theft without having to lock everything down. This is where us IT professionals use innovation to create a safer space for data and secure your information.

  • Test software

IT uses regression testing to make sure the new equipment does not break the old equipment. Stress testing is making sure that everything is performing well when things are being worked on. The testing is done in three stages- development, test, and production.

  • Control changes the production environment

There is a process that needs to be gone through making sure that the changes don’t interrupt production. And if there is an interruption back up plans are a must have.

  • Relationships outlive transactions

Maintaining good relationships throughout your business is crucial. Without maintaining good relationships your business will NOT be successful. When a member of the IT service provider interacts with you and your team, you are building a relationship that includes trust and yIT providers want to ensure that you can rely on them to provide great and efficient work. With good relationships come business growth and respect.

  • Integrate

There are many interfaces in today’s age that it sometimes becomes hard to maintain. IT providers are coming up with new ways on how to integrate systems and maintain all these interfaces so they do not pile up on one another.

  • IT is here to support a business

IT leadership supports managers and users that are ready to buy technology, bring technology into their business and maintain the running technology. IT helps everyone in the business. They are what helps the business succeed.

Comportz is proud to provide these tried and true methods in their everyday approach to providing high-quality IT services to businesses of all sizes. Relationships and customer service are at the core of our values along with trust and respect. Keeping up with technology for your business is hard and that’s why Comportz exists- to help businesses grow through sound advice and affordable solutions.¬†

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