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Looking for an internship opportunity surrounding information technology and digital marketing in Worcester? Here at Comportz, we try to add at least two interns every semester to our team. These interns should have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn and grow their knowledge and skills.

Interns will not be running errands or performing busy work but will rather be working with the rest of the team on our everyday projects. We offer a very hands-on internship and give our intern’s the guidance and knowledge they need to operate in our office and in a professional business environment. Our interns handle work involving web design, optimizing websites for SEO, application development, digital marketing, social media management, blogging, and technical support. We accept interns from programs local to Worcester and central Massachusetts.

Some of our intern programs include:

  • Dynamy Internship Program
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Assumption College
  • Becker College
  • Clark University
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
  • Worcester State University

Please email with your resume to apply or to speak with our internship representative.


Our previous interns, Zach Topping and Danny Cayelli with their supervisor, Andrew Mahoney.

Our Interns Experience:

Well, where do I start?

I have learned many useful skills during my time at Comportz. If I had to pick the most useful skill I have learned here at Comportz, that skill would be how to make a great website with WordPress and Divi. I love how easy it was for me to learn how to build websites with the guidance of the team here at Comportz. I also learned what Search Engine Optimization is and how to make sites rank higher with Yoast.

I have never had an actual job before Comportz and I have to say Comportz has been a great first job. I got along with all my bosses and coworkers extremely well. I would want to come back to this company if I had the opportunity to do so.

Danny Cayelli

Hometown: Reston , VA - 20 mins outside of Washington DC

I recently decided to take a gap year from college to try and get some real world experience in digital marketing. Luckily enough for me, I was able to find Comportz through the internship program I was attending and worked there for the whole fall semester. 

I’m happy to report I got the real world experience I wanted and more. During my time here I became comfortable using WordPress, Divi, Lumen and Yoast. As my proficiency in these programs grew, so did my knowledge of web design and development, SEO, and digital marketing strategies. 

But as I said before, this internship was more than a place for me to develop my digital marketing skills, it was an all around fun place to work. The office environment and the people are some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with! I would do it all over again if I could! 

Zachary Topping

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