Why you shouldn’t click on random links that are sent to you

You go to check your email, when you notice that you have a weird message from someone that you don’t know. You open the message and read through it. Basically, the email says that you have inherited some money, and in order to receive it you need to click a link that accompanies the email. Don’t click the link! Never click anything sent to you from someone you don’t know. The reason for that is ransomware. Ransomware attacks businesses frequently and without hesitation. Basically, ransomware is a kind of malicious software that takes over your computer and ransoms the files on it back to you for a price. If or when the price is met, the malware “leaves”, even though Forbes reports the only 19% of victims got their files back.

Photo of ransomware attack

How Ransomware attacks your business?

After the victim clicks on a link that contains ransomware, they are redirected to a real looking site, but in reality the site itself is an exploit kit. The server then sends out a request to software such as Java, this is to find vulnerable versions that the kit can exploit. If the software breaks in, it forces your computer to run its software. The ransomware then deletes files that cripple the security system on the victim’s computer in order to hide itself. This is to limit the possibility of file recovery. After this takes place, the ransomware then begins encrypting files on the victim’s computer and sends an encryption key back to the command server. The malware now has complete control over your computer. This is when you receive a message telling you how to pay. Usually, it’ll ask the victim to pay in bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency that can’t be traced. When or if you pay, the hackers aren’t done yet. If you receive your files back, the malware may be lurking on your computer, collecting information about you (such as bank cards, residency, name, general information, browsing history). If you pay for malware, always seek help from people who know how to get rid of ransomware.

Not all ransomware works the same. Some steal information, some steal money, and some just brick (break) your computer.

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