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What is Email Security?

Email security involves various techniques for keeping personal information in email communication and accounts safe against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Unfortunately, email is a popular platform for the spread of malware, spam, and phishing attacks. It uses deceptive messages to entice recipients to divulge sensitive information, open attachments or click on hyperlinks that install malware on the victim’s device. In addition, it is a common entry vector for attackers looking to gain a foothold in an enterprise network and breach valuable company data. Email security is necessary for both individual and business email accounts. There are multiple measures organizations should take to enhance email security.


Securing Your Email

Email has gained popularity as an attack vector, so it is very important that individuals and businesses take the measures to secure their email accounts against common attacks. On top of that, it is important for companies to secure email accounts against attempts at unauthorized access to accounts or communications. Malware sent from email messages can be quite destructive. Phishing emails often contain malware attachments designed to look like legitimate documents or include hyperlinks that lead to websites that serve malware. Simply clicking or opening an email attachment can be enough for your devices to become compromised. Also, phishing emails can be used to fool recipients into sharing sensitive information, posing as a legitimate business or trusted contacts. These phishing attacks against businesses often attack departments that handle sensitive personal or financial information. Attackers using phishing emails will also try and create a sense of urgency to increase their chance of success. Phishing emails will ask recipients to confirm their login information, passwords, social security number, bank account numbers, and even credit card information. Some will even link to counterfeit websites that look like a reputable vendor to trick people into entering account and financial information.

Important Practices

There are some important practices to follow to ensure secure email usage. Arming employees with the knowledge to avoid risky behaviors can make a substantial impact on your company’s ability to reduce risks associated with email. Here are some practices to follow:

  • Never open attachments or click on links in email messages from unknown senders
  • Change passwords often and use best practices for creating strong passwords
  • Never share passwords with anyone, including co-workers
  • Try to send as little sensitive information as possible via email, and send sensitive information only to recipients who require it
  • Use spam filters and anti-virus software
  • When working remotely or on a personal device, use VPN software to access corporate email
  • Avoid accessing company email from public Wi-Fi connections

By keeping employees educated about email security could drastically mitigate the risks that come with email usage and the protection of sensitive data. If you have more questions or need further help with email security, contact us today!

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