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Unlike back in the day where paper documents were stored in filing cabinets and you needed to have off-site cabinets and duplicate records in order to keep them secure, now, almost all documents that your employees rely on to make your business run smoothly are digital and stored on local workstation hard drives or a local file share server – and you need duplicates.

If you are stuck in the past, or don’t have an updated backup plan, you are more than likely destined for failure. Old school methods of External Hard Drives have been notorious for failing and backing up with tape is extremely expensive and inefficient.  Studies show that 70% of those companies that lose a majority of their data go out of business.

With Comportz, we will do all in our power to ensure you are in the 30% of companies who can keep moving forward despite the setback. Data loss has been becoming a major problem for companies since they started storing data online in the cloud and this problem can be solved. With better cloud management from Comportz, we can help reduce many companies data loss.



Services Include:

  • Backup and Data Recovery system installation and management 
  • Disaster recovery planning and management
  • All in one cloud backup and physical appliance solutions

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