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Video conferencing is the two-way interactive communication that is similar to a telephone call but over video. It allows geographically dispersed participants to connect in a live meeting environment without the time and costs associated with travel. This allows participants to see facial expressions and other non-verbal cues as if they were in the same room.

On an average day, you can use video conferencing to collaborate with your colleagues in a number of ways:

  • Weekly status meeting
  • Project kick-off
  • New employee training
  • Quick brainstorming session
  • Customer sales pitch
  • Product concept review
  • Managerial 1:1 meeting
  • Connect remote classrooms

Smart Tech offers many different conferencing solutions too which we can help you use to get the best conferencing solutions. Video conferencing nowadays is a major keystone to a successful business. You can have your conferences wherever you want and whenever you want. It also makes life easier if you are having a company emergency while you are on vacation you can check in on your company and see what the problem is and you could solve it at the comfort of your mobile device.

At Comportz, we can remove all of the stress out of installation of conferencing software. Even though some video conferencing software costs money, the investment is worth it. Every successful company nowadays has some form of video conferencing and we want to make sure your company won’t be left behind.


Services Include:

  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Weekly status meetings
  • Conferencing service management

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