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Proper cabling is necessary to stay organized, while supporting the growth of your company. In addition, it keeps phones and computers, WiFi, security cameras, TVs  working efficiently. In fact, cabling acts as the backbone of a communication system.  As a result, businesses rely on well designed cabling to run smoothly. However, the proper cabling can be difficult to manage, especially for smaller businesses. Fortunately, Comportz can assist you with all of your cabling needs, regardless of how complex it may be. 

At Comportz, we strive to provide professional and timely services to help you with your cabling needs. We run data wire (cat5/cat 6) for phones and computers, wifi (access points), security cameras and HDMI over cat 6 setups. Conveniently, we can provide these services for office builds, server room setups, renovations, restaurants, etc.

We are located in Worcester and Central Massachusetts, providing local businesses with all sorts of managed IT services. If you have any more questions or inquiries about cabling, contact us today.

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