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Automotive Technology

Auto manufacturers, dealers, and automotive service providers need software and technology support to survive in today’s world. Tech support is a crucial part to the automotive industry when it comes to automotive software. If they are having difficulties with essential automotive software they can turn to the experts behind the software in order to get the solution that they need. 

With expanding business in automotive shops comes inventory concern. Our engineers and technicians can install and maintain inventory software so you wont have to worry about parts inventory. Also, help performance enhancing shop software in order to improve our performance increasing services on your customers.

Alongside software installation, management and tech support services, we also specialize in cloud services. The cloud can enhance your ability to communicate securely and reliably with customers and partners. In addition, the cloud provides you with an end to end perspective of business operations streamlined management of processes and reducing strain on limited resources. As automotive technology keeps improving, the cloud becomes a key role as the automotive industry progresses. To learn more about how Comportz can help your business, contact us today!


Services include:

  • Install and manage industry standard software and tools
  • Automotive parts inventory software installation & management
  • Performance Shop software installment and management
  • Security System installation and management
  • Data protection to keep company & customer data safe & secure
  • Custom Web Development
  • Optimizing your site for SEO so it can rank higher on Google
  • Remote and on-site IT Support
  • Mobile website optimization
  • WiFi and Network Setup
  • Secure Email Services
  • Running your social media accounts social media accounts so you can directly reach out to your followers and potential customers.
  • Network Administration

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