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The Cloud: The Forecast Is Looking CLOUD(Y)

The Cloud Tech companies love using buzzwords such as Big Data, 5G, and the internet of things. Unfortunately for most customers, these terms are confusing and often don't make it clear what they actually mean. The "cloud" is one of those terms, and no, I don't mean...

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization When you do a web search, do you usually click on a link from the first page of results or do you look through a few pages before you click on a result? You probably answered from the first page and you’re not alone. 75% of people will not...

The Importance of Password Security

It's 2018, take your password security seriously. The consequences are not worth the inaction. In today's world of growing identity theft and online crime, a weak password can lead to unwanted access to your financial information, email, and much more. Passwords are...

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