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Remote Access & Mobility for your business

Remote access software lets you remotely control a computer from a different location using an internet connection. You can access your desktop and all its apps, files and information as if you were physically sitting in front of it. In addition, remote access to an office computer gives you the freedom to easily finish work from home. Also, it improves productivity because it allows you to not have to deal with workplace distractions. With remote desktop access, you can skip the hassle and expenses of daily commuting.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are going borderless. As a result, employees are commonly required to take assignments in locations outside their home country. This is where employee mobility solutions come into play. Mobility solutions are extremely useful when relocating a team member from city to city or one end of the world to another. For companies expanding globally, it is important to understand different countries regulations to avoid a loss of productivity due to unknown regulations. This issue should be addressed in a strategic plan. Employee mobility solutions help you with on-boarding, work permits, record maintenance, staff subsistence, medical emergencies, tax compliance, and event exit formalities, even pension requirements if need be.

With today’s world of online business, you can access your work from anywhere and whenever you need. At Comportz, we believe that remote access is crucial to your company’s survival. From responding to customer emails while you are on vacation, to accessing resources you need at a meeting that was saved on your home computer, remote access and mobility is one of the most important aspects of a successful online business.    



Services Include:

  • Remote access software installation/management
  • Employee mobility solutions

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