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A/V (Audio Visual) is a generic term for the audio and video components and capabilities in the home entertainment system and related product descriptions and reviews. A/V services provide drop and run support for faculty members who are having problems with equipment in the workplace.

Most successful companies have some sort of A/V equipment in conference rooms. The most common form of this is an LCD projector so presenters can give their audience a visual of their research in their presentation. Now, more and more restaurants are switching to A/V displays of their menu rather than the traditional black letter board. It is annoying putting every single character into the menu if they need to change something, they would much rather go to an external It Company and have them make the change for them.

Thanks to Comportz, we can install and manage A/V equipment at a reasonable price. We have helped much local business in New England. We do A/V services for many industries from the Hospitality Industry to the Cooperate industry. With our services, we will ensure you that you will catch up to your competition or even get ahead of it.  



Services Include:

  • LCD projectors
  • LCD displays
  • Overhead projectors
  • Sound Programming
  • Digital signage
  • A/V control systems
  • Computer A/V

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